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I peeked through the window and there I saw
Across the room a warm fire roar.
It was snowing outside and I shivered with cold.
It snapped at my paws, and my little dry nose.

The wind swayed the tree, off to my right.
A branch rapped the window, tap, tap, tap
I knew I should go, but I couldn’t you see.
I just wished that the glow would reach out to me.

There had been no food for a week gone now,
And my tummy produced a continual growl.
I lay on the sill, and wondered just how,
I could find the strength for one last meow.

I reflected the time when I’d felt the fire,
It was as a kitten, many years prior.
Now I am old, and my will is too weak,
God, please send me warmth, and something to eat.

As my dreams took me where my spirit could soar,
I faintly heard sounds of an opening door.
I stayed right in place, yet I drifted away,
Then a white light shone as if it was day.

Moving my head was more than a toll
Then I heard the words, “You Poor Old Soul.”
They lifted me from the sill where I lay
And we went forth across the snow laden way.

They brushed from me the cold wet snow,
And wrapped me in a blanket warm.
There were arms that held me strong you see,
And a voice that softly said to me,

“God guided you here to be with me”
“I heard his message via that old tree.”

So, there on the rug by the fire so warm,
Stretched out full length, looking quite at home,
Yes it’s me, and now I say three months have gone,
Since the time this place I stumbled on.

There are many of us here, some injured some old,
From whence we came we have not told.
But what I can tell you is surely true,
That God does work to take care of you.
From all of us here we have found God’s spot.
It’s the place we call Forget Me Not.
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