Ginger's story
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An Old Cat's Tale
Ginger was found wandering outside a motorcycle shop
during some of the coldest winter weather this year. A
kind gentleman who worked at the store saw the little
bedraggled cat struggling to stay alive, and bundled her up
and took her home with him in his van. Their own senior
cat had died some time ago and not having any cat food
in the house; his wife treated Ginger to a fine meal of
canned tuna. They then called the Forget Me Not
Sanctuary for help because the little cat was so thin that
her ribs could be counted and she looked very much in
need of some medical help.

A veterinarian check-up revealed that Ginger had some
vitamin deficiencies due to nearly starving to death and
had experienced some trauma to her tail. Her struggles to
survive had aged her way beyond her years - she was not
much older than one, but the look in her eyes was that of
a frail old senior.

The road to recovery for Ginger started with feeding her
small quantities of food many times a day and allowing
her to rest in a small recovery room at the sanctuary cat

cottage. After she was a little stronger, she was
introduced to the cats living in the cottage common room,
and instead of hisses, within minutes,  it was as if she had
known the other cats all her life. 

Ginger experienced a setback when her tail refused to heal,
and half of it had to be amputated.  But now, her tiny stubby
tail remains the only reminder of the battle scars she
suffered as a starving, homeless and lonely little soul.
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