Minou's story
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An Old Cat's Tale
On a dark and frigidly cold late winter night, a cat was
seen in a parking lot, rummaging for some crumbs next to
an apartment’s trash bin. As the wind whipped twigs and
papers at the little cat, she was not deterred in her quest
to survive and she struggled to keep upright on front legs
that appeared as though one was very much shorter than
the other.

The apartment dweller rushed out into the cruel night, and
grabbed the little cat in her arms and pressed her close to
give her some warmth. Once inside, it was obvious that
the skinny little cat’s bulging abdomen meant she would
give birth to kittens very soon. Also, the front leg that
appeared shorter was actually bent at a right angle,
causing the effect that she was walking on her “elbow”.
The leg was calloused and raw from its unusual position.

The kind couple who rescued Minou was immersed in
financial troubles and hardships and handicaps of their
own, but that only made them more determined to find
some help for this unfortunate little cat. For days these
kind souls phoned every humane society and rescue
organization asking for someone to come and pick up the
pregnant disabled cat, because they were not allowed
cats in their apartment and were not able to take care of

They were frantic as they went through the list, and at
last, one rescue organization responded saying they
would come to pick up the cat. Minou was checked by a
veterinarian and placed in a foster home where she could
give birth to her kittens. Any surgical help for her leg had
to wait until her kittens were weaned. About ten days later,
Minou gave birth to seven beautiful kittens. Four of them
were adopted out as soon as they were old enough and
Minou and the remaining three male kittens were
transferred to Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary.

One of Minou’s three sons, Finnigan, has a congenital
lung problem, which made it unlikely for him to be
adopted. Finnigan and the other two sons, Casey and
Buttons, were so kind and devoted to their disabled
mother, often grooming her and playing with her very
gently, that it seemed the best plan to let them all continue
living at the sanctuary together.

It appeared that Minou had likely suffered an infected bite
wound which destroyed the tendons in her foot and lower
leg, causing it to bend sideways. Surgery to repair the
tendons proved unsuccessful and her right front leg was
then required to be amputated. Showing the same
courage and determination as when she battled the
elements out on the streets, this beautiful little cat has
learned to manage with only one front leg, and even
climbs up the ladder to the little loft where she has a
snooze with her three sons.
Minou and her kittens, Finnigan (top right), Casey & Buttons
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