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Work is underway on the construction of sidewalks and the outdoor enclosure (we call it a cat courtyard) attached to the back of the main Cat Cottage
Another view of the early stages of the ‘Sanctuary Village” – this being the “Before” photograph
This is the “After” photograph of the Sanctuary Village a few months later
A winter view of the back courtyard attached to the Cat Cottage with its assortment of ledges and walkways
Resident cats checking out the cat condominiums in the newly-built Cat Cottage’s front courtyard
As we take a tour around the main living room in the Cat Cottage, we come across Creamsicle enjoying the sun in the southeast corner of the room.  In the window is an outline of the house where the resident caregiver lives along with the adoptable cats.
Moving on to the south wall,…
Next, we find Annie and Libby in front of the ladder leading up to the loft above the foyer in the south west corner of the building
A carpeted ladder and paw-sized stairway provide two options for cats climbing up to the foyer loft and down again
The “foyer” is really just a small room which acts as a “buffer zone”;  we close the exterior door before opening the interior door in order to prevent anyone from bolting outside
The window in the north wall of the main living room faces towards the back courtyard; Jackson is having a snooze and Katie just came in from outside
The middle shelf of what used to be a garage workbench now features a collection of cat beds and other cozy sleeping places, as well as providing some cover for a couple of litter boxes.  Sign above window reads “Happily Ever After”.
The table top of the workbench provides some observation perches for looking out the window and also allows Acrobat to keep an eye on who is taking the “escalator” up to the top of the storage cabinet
Our tour brings us back to the windows facing sunny south while Creamsicle is trying out one of the many comfy couches
Libby gets a pat from Dr. Doornenbal during a site visit by veterinary staff who look after the health of the sanctuary cats
Katie has a nap in the loft in “Mama’s Room”, so-named because Mama, a feral cat, was the very first cat to occupy this smaller room until she felt secure enough to live amongst the larger group
Molly Malone, with one blind eye, always finds her way to her favorite loft above the Cat Cottage’s recovery room via an 8 foot berber-covered ladder built by Don and John of The Cat Factory
Having just taken a ladder to the top of the fridge, Fritzie ponders whether he has enough energy to tackle the network of walkways and ramps which wind their way all around the “Babies’ Room”, so-named because our little 3-legged Minou and her 3 kittens were its first occupants
Finnigan, now all grown-up, but still suffering from a congenital lung problem, became one of the sanctuary’s permanent residents, along with his mom and two brothers
A feral kitty, Suzie Shmoozie, as she is affectionately called, pauses for a power nap en route to searching out Blackie, who is her best friend at the sanctuary and can usually be found somewhere on the overhead walkways
Katie, who has left her feral days behind her, looks over the Babies’ Room featuring kitty condos in front of the south facing window and a continuation of the overhead carpeted walkways
Just down the hill from the Cat Cottage, is another section of the Sanctuary Village, being the Raywalt Shack on the left, Leroy’s Place in the middle and the Little Cottage, then under construction, and now housing the sanctuary’s senior citizens
Mimi, a 15 year old kitty who came from the pound, is having a snack in one of the rooms in the Little Cottage in the company of Milo, a 3 legged kitty who is not a senior, but is just visiting
The newest additions to the Sanctuary Village, the Little Grey Barn and the Little Red Barn are being readied for eventual occupancy. Each will feature a loft and walkways inside and an enclosed outdoor grassed courtyard
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